When you join the Y, you are not just joining a fitness center….you are joining over 1500 of your friends, family and neighbors who are committed to creating meaningful change for themselves and their community.

Our “Fit for You” Pricing Program makes becoming a member of the YMCA more affordable than ever.  The “Fit for You” Pricing Program is an income based fee scale, which simply means your monthly membership fees are based on your household income.

Membership Pricing Program 

Our Y is committed to serving the entire community, regardless of financial means and therefore offers a membership structure that best meets your needs. Our Membership Pricing Program is an income based fee structure where your membership dues are based on your household income. If you wish to take advantage of our discounted pricing program, you simply need to provide us with a copy of your most recent tax return stating your household income. We DO NOT keep copies of your income verification and all information is strictly confidential.

Household Income Youth
(ages 0-12)
(ages 13-17)
Young Adult
(ages 18-24)
(ages 25-59)
Active Older Adult Individual
(ages 60+)
Household* Active Older Adult Household*
(adults 60+)
$55,000 and up $9 $15 $36 $49 $46 $74 $70
$45,000-$54,999 $8 $14 $33 $45 $42 $67 $64
$35,000-$44,999 $7 $12 $29 $40 $38 $61 $57
$25,000-$34,999 $6 $10 $26 $36 $33 $54 $51
$15,000-$24,999 $5 $9 $22 $31 $29 $47 $44
$0-$14,999 $4 $7 $19 $27 $25 $41 $38


  • A One Time Joining Fee is due at the time of enrollment and is equal to one month’s Membership Dues (excluding youth and teen memberships)
  • Military and Local Emergency Personnel (police, fire, ambulance and highway patrol) are eligible for an additional10% discount on monthly membership dues. Join fee is waived.
  • *Household Plus One Membership – A household with 3 or more adults (ages 25and up) is subject to an additional $10/month fee. Additional adults in household must show proof of residence.

If you feel that the above rates do not fit your budget, please see a staff member for a Fair Share Application. 

As a member of the Y, you are not committed to a long term contract and can choose between our safe and convenient monthly bank draft plan or you may pay annually or semi-annually for your membership fees.

Member Benefits:
  • NEW Extended Hour Access
  • FREE Wellness Center Orientation
  • FREE Wellness Coaching
  • FREE Group Exercise Classes
  • FREE Child care while you workout
  • FREE Family activities/events
  • Discount of up to 100% on many programs
  • Nationwide Membership – use of other Y’s for FREE

Are you eligible for Medicare?  Contact your supplemental insurance provider to see if you are a member of the SilverSneakers, United Healthcare Renew Active, or AARP Medicare program.  Some supplemental insurance plans provide access to the Y at a reduced cost.

Contact the Y for more information on this great program!!

For more information on how you can join the Y and to become healthier and stronger, contact our Welcome Center staff.